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TextHelp Read&Write

                     Read&Write for Windows is an easy-to-use flexible toolbar
                     containing support features to make reading, writing and research
                     easier for you. The software has been designed to address some
                     of the issues that people with dyslexia face daily,
                     namely reading difficulties, writing difficulties,
                     problems with spelling and general literacy

                     - In Schools, Read&Write for Windows is used                                                 TextHelp Read&Write
                     as an Exam Reader, for coursework support and
                     as homework help.  Read more about how the
                     software is ideal for use in GCSE's and A-Levels.

                     - In College or University, Read&Write is used to
                     produce accurate assignments, for study and research support and
                     on-the-go, independent learning.

                     - In the Workplace, Read&Write promotes equality and diversity,
                     increasing written productivity and quality of work. Read More about
                     Read&Write in the workplace

                     - Dyslexic individuals, Read&Write is used to support and improve
         Scan and Read  independence in literacy.
                     reading and writing skills thereby improving confidence and

                     Research shows that Read&Write for Windows improves
                     comprehension levels by 20% (Queens University Research). By
                     clicking on the Play button, you can listen to any text being read
                     aloud whilst each word is highlighted. This is known as text-to-
                     speech and it improves comprehension levels and word recognition.

                     This is vital for those who struggle with reading or require support
                     with reading. Read&Write for Windows will read text from:

                     •  Microsoft Word

                     •  Web Pages                                                                     TextHelp Daisy Reader

                     •  PDF files

                     •  Inaccessible Flash and Text embedded in
                        graphics of video

                     •  Instant Messages

                     •  Email

                     •  DAISY books

                     •  Dragon Recognised text

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