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        ClaroRead is a simple, easy-to-use and flexible software program
        that helps you to read, write, study and increases your confidence.

        The ClaroRead line of educational software provides
        reading and writing support tools for struggling
        learners, ESL students and anyone looking to make
        the writing process easier.

        Claro Solutions Bundle has been designed and                                              ClaroRead- Settings Dialogue
        created to help students struggling with dyslexia.

        The Claro Solutions bundle provides powerful
        software across a range of devices, on and off
        campus and on a PC or iOS tablet at any time of the

        With high quality text-to-speech, OCR engine, word by word
        highlighting, mind mapping, colour overlays, homophone and
        spell check support, dictionary definitions, research tools, dropbox
        integration, PDF annotator and viewer, Claro Solutions Bundle is the
        perfect choice to help those struggling with dyslexia succeed.

        •  A Dual Platform License For ClaroRead Plus - ClaroRead Plus
            can be installed on all Windows and Mac computers. ClaroRead is
            used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of dyslexic students                                          Scan and Read
            throughout the world.

        •  Home Access Rights For ClaroRead Plus - ClaroRead Plus can be
            used on campus and at home. Access is through our secure easy
            to use home user portal.

        •  iOS Apps also available - ClaroSpeak our text to
            speech App and ClaroPDF our PDF annotator
            and reader are the choice of many students
            when studying through their iOS devices, with
            Dropbox and Google Drive integration.                                               ClaroRead- Homophones Tutorial

 TextHelp Daisy Reader
        •  The Claro Solutions bundle now includes
            ClaroRead SE, ideal for students sitting exams.

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