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        MindGenius is a mind mapping application that allows students to
        capture and visualise ideas and information.

        MindGenius allows you to optimise and prioritise
        what you need to do and get it done today rather
        than tomorrow.  MindGenius will leave you feeling
        more motivated, less stressed and completely
        satisfied that you have achieved more than you set

        out to.                                                                                   MindGenius - Visual Mapper

        MindGenius education is an excellent tool to allow
        students or pupils to express and communicate
        what they have learned.  It is also of great use to
 Dragon Premium product box
        teachers and lecturers in lesson preparation and in
        brainstorming topics with their classes.

        MindGenius education is a thinking tool that is based around the
        principles of Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping technique, a process that
        greatly aids knowledge retention.

        MindGenius education allows you to:

        •  Navigate and arrange content using a hierarchical outline

        •  Assign properties such as categories, resources or actions to                                            Mind Mapping
            'branches' enabling the map to be filtered and regrouped

        •  Use colour and images to emphasise, group and differentiate
            elements of the map

        •  Link to files, web pages or other maps and associate formatted
            notes with 'branches' of the map

        •  Export maps and notes to ready-formatted documents such
            as structured Word documents or PowerPoint

        •  Create question sets to provide a framework                               MindGenius - Depth of Focus
            for meetings and facilitate planning and

        •  Convert maps into slides and prepare interactive
        •   Manage projects using the Gantt view/Project

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