Sight and Sound Technology form new partnership with world leaders KOBA Vision

Sight and Sound Technology – ( – the UK’s leading provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties, has announced a two year master distribution deal with KOBA Vision.

KOBA Vision has been providing world leading solutions for the visually impaired for over 25 years.  Their acclaimed screen reader and magnifier solutions, Vocatex and Orabis, will now be exclusively available through Sight and Sound Technology.

The ergonomically designed Vocatex provides a revolutionary step forward for high definition screen magnification and reading solutions.  Unlike other desktop CCTV magnifiers, Vocatex is the only solution that is able to read text in real time, meaning that the nuisance of having to switch between capture and live modes, as well as the confusion between page and on-screen text, is eradicated.

Bart Peremans, Director of Sales and Marketing for KOBA Vision says: “This new distribution agreement with Sight and Sound Technology brings our leading read aloud video magnifier solutions closer to visually impaired people in the UK, enabling them to rediscover the pleasure of reading. Sight and Sound Technology presents the right platform to make this new technology available to those that need it.”

CEO of Sight and Sound Technology, Glenn Tookey comments: “Our commitment to providing the widest choice of best of breed products to our customers is at the forefront of what we do, and we’re delighted to add KOBA Vision’s world leading Vocatex and Orabis to our already impressive range of VI and dyslexia solutions.”

Other notable benefits of the Vocatex include its continuous reading feature.  Thanks to its intelligent reading function, entire pages can be read in real time without the interrupting pauses expected when jumping to different sections of text.  This faster, fluid, more natural reading experience provided by the Vocatex means that users can now enjoy both the independence and pleasure of reading.

The Orabis shares many of the same features of the Vocatex, and is the entry-level solution.

The new master distribution deal with KOBA Vision follows Sight and Sound Technology’s recent acquisition of Forcetenco, a major supplier of low vision aids and assistive hearing solutions, in January.


Notes to Editor:

  • Founded in 1985, KOBA Vision located in Leopoldsburg, Belgium, searches each and every day for new applications and technologies which make reading as comfortable as possible. Run by its visually impaired CEO, Johan Haagdorens, the company is the leading manufacturer of high quality products for the visually impaired and the blind. The world’s first read aloud video magnifier Vocatex (patent) and High Definition are the most important milestones in KOBA’s history.
  • Sight and Sound Technology is the UK’s leading provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties. They work in unison with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises to help users fully realise their potential. Their product solutions have been specifically designed to improve quality of life at work, at study or in the home.
  • To arrange an interview with Glenn Tookey, CEO of Sight and Sound Technology, please contact


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