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  1. ClaroRead Standard USB
    Excl. VAT: £173.75 Incl. VAT: £208.50

    ClaroRead is a simple, easy-to-use and flexible software program that helps you to read, write, study, and increases your confidence.  You can read any on-screen text out loud and improve your writing in Microsoft Word.

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  2. JAWS

    All JAWS Multi-User Products are JAWS Professional.

    Site and District Licences are only available to Education, Charities and Public Libraries, all other organisations should purchase an Enterprise Licence.

    All JAWS Multi-User Licences are available in either a network authorisation or stand-alone authorisation.

    Multi-user licences are available in multiples of 5 users.

    The additional Software Maintenance Agreement will provide the next two paid-for releases of the product.

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  3. JAWS for Windows logo
    Excl. VAT: £200.00 Incl. VAT: £240.00

    Additional licence to allow Jaws to be used in over Terminal Services or Citrix.

    A Jaws Professional or Jaws Premium product must be owned or purchased to use this product.

    If you already own a Jaws Licence please enter your serial number.

    In order to use JAWS while accessing a remote computer with Citrix or Terminal Services, JAWS must be installed on the client and server computers

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  4. Mind Genius
    Excl. VAT: £147.00 Incl. VAT: £176.40

    MindGenius is tried and tested mind mapping software for Education.

    MindGenius contains specific resources created by and with those in the Education field.

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  5. BrailleMaker Professional
    Excl. VAT: £395.00 Incl. VAT: £474.00

    Braille Maker is a long established Braille translation package. Originally a DOS product, Braille Maker has been progressively developed to create a range of user-friendly Windows based products. Learn More
  6. JAWS Boxset
    Price From: Excl. VAT: £150.00 Incl. VAT: £180.00

    Jaws Upgrades are supplied as a download link. If a disk is required please also purchase the Media Kit

    The world's most popular screen reading software

    JAWS enables people with vision loss to independently use a computer with a keyboard, speech, or Braille display. With JAWS, you can navigate the Internet, write a document, create spreadsheets and presentations, email correspondence, and much more from your office, remote desktop, terminal servers, and from home.

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  7. Inspiration Box
    Excl. VAT: £59.95 Incl. VAT: £71.94

    Inspiration is a powerful visual learning tool that inspires students to develop ideas and organise thinking.

    Visual thinking is a learning style where the learner better understands and retains information when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images. Visual learning helps students organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and think critically. Graphic Organizers, diagrams and outlines are just some strategies of visual learning.

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  8. Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium

    Dragon speech recognition enables individual professionals and organizations to work smarter and more productively in the office and on the road. With fast, accurate dictation and transcription, advanced customization, seamless integration across devices, and easy deployment for large business enterprises, use your most powerful tool—your voice—and put it to work. Learn More
  9. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
    Price From: Excl. VAT: £575.00 Incl. VAT: £690.00

    ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and reading program tailored for low-vision users. Magnifier/Reader enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, echoes your typing and essential program activity, and automatically reads documents, web pages, email.

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  10. Kurzweil 3000 Logo
    Excl. VAT: £199.00 Incl. VAT: £238.80

    Kurzweil 3000 is an integrated reading, writing, and study skill support software that enables struggling readers to learn from the same content as their peers.

    Students may have difficulty reading for a variety of reasons. Their inability to read fluently at grade level means they are unable to learn from class and curriculum content. For these students, Kurzweil 3000 can be life changing.

    This edition of Kurzweil 3000 is intended for students under the DSA scheme.

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