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10 things I like about my U2 Mini

The U2 Mini is so much more than just a note-taking device with 18 Braille cells. In the few months I have had it, the Mini has become an integral part of my daily life. So I would like to share with you 10 of my favourite features.

1. Light, compact and fast – I fly to Scotland often from where I live in Northern Ireland, and find the Mini small and neat to carry in my hand-luggage. And while waiting at the airport, I am able to delve into its many features to pass away the time.

2. Connectivity – using WiFi on the go is now essential, and the Mini is prompt at connecting within seconds of being turned on. Also, I use Bluetooth to pair the Mini with my iPhone so that I have Braille at my fingertips whenever I want it for reading books or writing text messages.

3. Media Player – with 32gb of on-board storage, and be able to use as an SD card, I am also able to turn my Mini into a great music player that supports several file formats.

4. Epub files – the Mini supports this file format, which gives me access to titles I cannot open on my PC without extra software being added to read them.

5. Email – when my PC is turned off for the evening, and I am relaxing in front of the TV, I can sit with the Mini on my lap responding to any Emails. Also, when I am away from home, I can access my Email accounts using the Mini without being tied to a computer.

6. RSS Reader – if you are like me and love a variety of news and other information to be sent when it becomes available, then this can be achieved on the Mini. I browse on the device for the RSS feed of my choice and subscribe to it.

7. Excel Viewer – this is a very useful tool when I have an Excel spreadsheet I want to study as the Mini makes it so I can open and read such documents. This is a worthy function not available on other note-takers.

8. YouTube – a simplistic way to listen to a favourite clip or old programme. I can open the application and look for what I want. Video content is stripped, leaving me with the audio that to the item.

9. DAISY – I can copy Talking Books onto the Mini and navigate within them to give me the full DAISY experience.

10. Twitter – saving my favourite feature till last, this simple client is really great. I can reply to, send, look for and save tweets, as well as send Direct Messages, or click on links within posts.
All in all, a great little box of tricks that costs £2,895, sold by RNIB and Sight and Sound Technology.

With thanks to Jackie Brown.
To find out more about the U2 mini please visit our product page.Braille Sense U2 Mini