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Alinea for Windows

Alinea for Windows

The Software

Alinea takes care of the rest for you, which is why it is so great to work with. Alinea also adapts itself to the level of the user. You can change the spelling rules that you have the most trouble with. After some time, Alinea will even begin to predict your behaviour. It will suggest words that you often use with or after each other.

Children using the software can read and write without the aid of a parent or teacher. The software grows along with you, so it is also great for older students and can even be indispensable in the workplace.


Alinea clearly reads all the texts on your PC aloud, while that text is highlighted in two different colours. You can have it read the text in any program that allows you to highlight: Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), texts and forms on the internet, your Facebook page, e-mail programs (even online!)

Support is available in four languages: Dutch, French, English, and German, with automatic language recognition and matching voices.


Customised predictor

Type the beginning of a word and Alinea will predict the rest. When you click on the predicted word, Alinea will suggest the rest, because the software remembers which words you often use together.

Prevent mistakes

Do you make mistakes when you write? Alinea pays attention to all kinds of spelling errors, such as “ance/ence” or “ei/ie” and the differences between homonyms. Alinea learns which mistakes you make, corrects them quickly, and explains the correction.

Check afterwards

Do you want to have a previously written text corrected? Alinea can also check the spelling and verbs in a text for mistakes even after the text has been written. Alinea does this more powerfully and reliably than your typical spellcheck.

Use dictionaries, illustrations, and sign language for comprehension

Do you not recognize a word? With a click of your mouse, you can read or listen to a dictionary definition. Choose the dictionary that works best for you.

For most words, you will be given an additional illustration and a sample sentence that clarifies the use of the word.

Work in PDF


Add text notes to PDFs. They are automatically read aloud as you type them. Indispensable for workbooks and fill-in-the-blank exercises!


Circle, draw, highlight, and summarize: the perfect tools when you are studying.

Editing a file

In your PDF, you can change the reading order and language recognition. For example, this is incredibly useful if you are learning vocabulary lists.