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Focus Bluetooth Braille Displays and Windows 10

With the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10, Microsoft have resolved the Windows 10 Bluetooth Stack issue which resulted in braille displays not connecting.  If you are running JAWS and a Bluetooth braille display on Windows 10, please ensure that you have applied the latest Windows Update.
Windows 10 and Bluetooth connectivity is failing. Thus, JAWS cannot detect the Focus Blue braille displays in Windows 10 when attempting to connect using Bluetooth. If the Show Braille Load Error setting in the JAWS braille Basic Settings dialog box is enabled, you will also get a message indicating the display could not be found. Microsoft has stated that the solution will be available in the next service release of Windows 10, anticipated at the end of October 2015. Until then, it is recommended that users should connect your Focus braille display using a USB cable.