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Gaming for Blind and Visually Impaired People

Here at Sight and Sound we spend a lot of our time travelling up and down the UK linking up with other societies, charities and organisations devoted to helping those who are blind, visually impaired or partially sighted, one of which is Fife Society for the Blind devoted to gaming for blind and visually impaired people, amongst other more general sight loss issues. We are devoted to helping resolve issues in the blind and low-vision communities and introduce an increasing amount of opportunities, for those who suffer from sight loss, in the form of technology, services, and increased awareness for fantastic third party initiatives such as this.

Gaming for Blind and Visually Impaired People

This is Monkey Gaming and if you would prefer an audio-only introduction to what Monkey Gaming are all about themselves, then please find it below. Otherwise Monkey Gaming is an innovation network of blind and partially sighted people in Scotland.

The main aim behind what Monkey Gaming do is to influence the gaming design industry to make games more universally accessible – allowing people with sight loss to engage fully with the immersive gameplay experiences that are available on the market today in the UK for fully sighted people.
In order to raise awareness around this subject Monkey Gaming are currently producing a series of audio, YouTube podcasts about their experiences of playing mainstream, online and audio games – as well as experiences of beta testing new and exciting games under development and working with unique companies such as KidFriendlySoftware and SomethinElse. These companies specialise in audio games, which are built without graphics, and only using specialised, innovative audio techniques.

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To find out more about Monkey Gaming and to listen to a number of their aforementioned podcasts, be sure to check out their YouTube channel here:

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