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Hable One Challenge – “There is just so much I can do with this little device”!

Image of Hable1 Challenge promo

By Stuart Lawler 

Last month we ran a unique challenge for the Hable One Braille bluetooth smartphone keyboard, with great results! Each participant received a Hable One for two weeks and completed a number of challenges during that time. After the initial masterclass, participants had a few days to get used to their device and explore the features before their first challenge.  

Challenges included writing a note about weekend plans, setting up a playlist on Spotify, a speed typing challenge and the most creative use of the Hable One! The group submitted videos or audio files of their progress and it was great to see a range of Braille skills and how people were able to improve both their Braille and their familiarity with technology during the challenge. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and benefit from peer support as everyone explored the different features.  

I love my Hable One and use it all the time with my iPhone. It means I can email, message and navigate my phone so much quicker, particularly when I’m out and about.  

At the end of the two weeks, four lucky winners were able to keep their Hable One. Below are some of the comments that came in during the challenge.  


“I’m standing on a foot bridge in Sligo. I feel like crying as this is the first time ever I could send a message while out and about, I utterly love this device. My iPhone journey is getting transformed.”  

– Jackie McBrearty 


“I want to share with you a way I can use the Hable one in a unique way. I suffer with seizures and after I can be paralysed. This can be any part of my body, arms and legs and sometimes my voice box. I can now use the Hable One to open my phone and use a text-to-speech app to let my family or doctors know what I need until I complete physio and get the use back. I can store pre-set messages and play them as selected so I don’t have to type everything each time. It’s great!” 

– Sophia Curtis 


“Did I think that two weeks ago when I received the Hable One device that I would fall in love with Braille again?! Before the Hable my experience of Braille was limited to reading bank statements and other utility bills. In the last two weeks I have been able to text, email, browse social media and game all using the Hable One device. I would highly recommend the Hable to anyone wanting to learn more about Braille as it is a great keyboard that have as changed my iPhone experience forever!” 

– Sidney Tambin 


“I have really enjoyed using the Hable to control my entire phone without having to have the phone with me, especially when outside enjoying the sunshine. The Hable easily fits into your pocket and with airpods you have access to the voice over. It is so cool being able take notes anywhere while standing, especially on mobility lessons as you don’t need to take the phone out of your pocket or find a surface to put the keyboard on while typing.”  

– Mairead O’Mahony 


“So far, the Hable has been to the hospital with me, church on Sundays, to a coffee shop, in my bag to the shops, on the bus, and I haven’t finished yet! There is just so much I can do with this little device.”
Hazel Hyland 


If you’d like to find out more about the Hable One, contact us.