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Improving the quality of life on the Isle of Man for those with disabilities

Sight and Sound Technology to assist in the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 2006

Sight and Sound Technology has been chosen to assist in the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 2006 (DDA) in the Isle of Man.
The leading UK provider of technology and solutions for users who are blind, visually impaired and have difficulties learning and reading, Sight and Sound has been commissioned by The Department of Social Care as consultants to assist them to scope the economic impact of the implementation of the act.
Hon Chris Robertshaw MHK, Minister of Department of Social Care in the Isle of Man comments: “I am committed to implementing the Disability Discrimination Act in order to promote the interests of all people with a disability in our community…. Sight and Sound has demonstrated it has significant experience and insight from the implementation of similar legislation in the UK and elsewhere, hence Sight and Sound is ideally placed to help my Department determine the best way forward that balances the interests of individuals with those of local businesses and other organisations on the Island, some of which will need to make some changes in order to comply with the Act…”
Glenn Tookey, CEO of Sight and Sound Technology, said of the company’s involvement: “We’re pleased to be selected by The Department of Social Care and to be involved in such important legislation for the Isle of Man. The Disability Discrimination Act 2006 seeks to improve quality of life for people with disabilities, which underpins the ethos of our day to day work as a business.”
To achieve this, Sight and Sound will conduct a survey of key organisations in the public, private and third sectors in order to understand the effects of the DDA on these stakeholders. The findings will then be reviewed by The Department of Social Care, and brought before the Council of Ministers and the High Court of Tynwald in the Isle of Man for approval.
The study, which should be completed by January 2012, is fundamental for compliance with the Government‘s requirements regarding new and amended legislation.
In addition to the survey, Sight and Sound Technology will review similar implementation projects in the UK and will support the Department of Social Care who will hold a briefing event on Thursday 3rd November 2011 at the Barrule Suite, Tynwald Legislative Building to capture a wide range of views from the business community, governmental departments, and the third sector regarding the introduction of the DDA.