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Motorised Drawing Arm

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Product Description

“The Motorised Drawing Arm (MDA) by Thinkable is a computer-driven motorised arm that draws tactile graphics by mechanically moving a stylus across the surface of the TactiPad drawing board. It aims to combine the accuracy of the digital tactile graphics from the TactileView software with the versatility of drawing by hand on the TactiPad drawing board.
This versatile product opens up the possibility to explore, understand and enjoy an emerging tactile diagram that develops under your fingertips.”

The motorised drawing arm (MDA) is a sophisticated add-on for the TactiPad drawing board. It opens up new use cases for the creation of tactile graphics in educational, professional and recreational settings.
When a design has been sketched by the MDA, the user can manually add to the drawing on the TactiPad, or have a second sketch added.
The general product lay out and features incorporated for the placement of the TactiPad, ensure a smooth user experience.
For operation under various circumstances the MDA has several connectivity options such as: USB, a WiFi hotspot or connecting to a (wireless-) local network.
Once a WiFi connection is established between a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer and the MDA, the built-in interface is accessible with a browser.
On the page Examples and Interactive an existing image can be selected for immediate sketching. More images can be created with the TactileView software or with one of the numerous third party programs.
The users of the MDA can also establish their community of designers to help out with the creation of personalised images. The (detailed) description provided by the users, is the input for the designers to work with.
Knowing all about How to operate and configure the MDA will increase the reward for its versatility and simplicity.
The functionality built on top of the technical specifications prove that the MDA/TactiPad/TactileView combination takes a unique position in the range of products for creating and exploring tactile graphics.


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