Mountbatten Brailler Whisperer

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Product Description

The Mountbatten Brailler is the complete Braille learning centre for children and their teachers. The Whisperer has a new braille head for whisper quiet braille production.


The Mountbatten is a simple tool that can be used to develop awareness of Braille symbols and characters. The clear audio response reinforces learning and tells the student which commands are being entered.

The Mountbatten is the first and only Bluetooth® Smart hard-copy Braille device that communicates wirelessly with iOS Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices.

For children and their teachers, from very early childhood to university, Mountbatten offers connectivity, resources and software to support flexible teaching and educational needs. Engage children in the learning process, provide a platform for pre-writing, pre-literacy, and pre-computer skills, and supervise and join in what they’re doing – whether you know Braille or not.

  • Speech
  • Battery operation
  • Text-to-Braille and Braille-to-Text translation
  • Multiple languages
  • PC and QWERTY keyboard connectivity
  • Embosser and graphics capabilities

Specifications MB Writer MB Writer Plus MB Writer Pro MB Learning System

Braille Writing

Electronic Braille writer and embosser yes yes yes yes
Correcting and erasing yes yes yes yes
Variety of paper types can be used yes yes yes yes
Ergonomically designed keyboard yes yes yes yes
Page formatting yes yes yes yes
Writing to memory yes yes yes yes
Graphics Mode yes yes yes yes
One-handed mode yes yes yes yes

Braille Translation

Translation from Braille to print no yes yes yes
Translation from print to Braille no yes yes yes
Braille Exception Tables yes yes yes yes

Learning Tools

Digitised Speech yes yes yes yes
Assignable function keys yes yes yes yes
Synthetic Speech no no yes yes
File transfer to and from PC yes yes yes yes
Editor no no yes yes
Calculators no no yes yes
Calendar, Clock and Diary no no no yes
Music Fun, Play and Edit no no no yes


Mimic text display connection yes yes yes yes
PC Keyboard (ps2) connection no yes yes yes
Headphones connection yes yes yes yes
PC Connectivity with USB or serial yes yes yes yes
Bluetooth Connectivity no yes yes yes


Portable yes yes yes yes
Battery and Mains yes yes yes yes
Memory Size (kilobytes) 90 400 400 400
Memory Size (Braille Pages) 150 600 600 600

WIDTH (CM): 45
DEPTH (CM): 24

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg


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