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Product Description

No more frustration at the lights

SmartButton has been designed for people with Mobility Issues and assists them when using pedestrian crossings. For people on mobility scooters and using assisted walking aids like Zimmer frames, crossings can be extremely awkward and in some cases dangerous to manoeuvre and press the button.

Developed to enhance the lives of people with mobility issues. But how does it work?

The SmartButton fits onto the handlebar of a mobility scooter, wheelchair or walking frame makes the push button on a traffic light unit redundant on pedestrian Crossings. The user merely rides/walks to the kerb edge of the crossing and presses their SmartButton.

Simply pressing the button with the thumb initiates the traffic light change sequence on a pedestrian crossing fitted with Our SmartSwitch system.

No more frustration or embarrassment trying to move into a position to press a crossing button.

The SmartButton can also open electric doors fitted with SmartSwitch Lite which enhances peoples lives and makes life easier for them.



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