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Product Description

TypeAbility is a typing and computer tutor program for the blind and visually impaired, supporting JAWS, Fusion and MAGic.

Clear and Entertaining.
TypeAbility speaks clear and easy to understand instructions for everything the student needs to know. Since TypeAbility has a very large and delightful number of ways of saying things it has a personality. So the student feels that he is being addressed personally.

From the moment TypeAbility opens, TypeAbility stays with the student, never leaving the student to wonder what to do next.

Each lesson and task is described very clearly. For instance, if the task is to type a word, the word will be spoken, then spelled, and then put into the context of a sentence or two so that there’s no doubt whatsoever what the word is. These contextual sentences are either educational, or humorous, thus providing another level of education and entertainment for the student. At the end of each lesson, TypeAbility tells a joke. Students love this, and they can make TypeAbility repeat that joke as many times as they wish.

To run TypeAbility, only a few hotkeys are necessary. Function keys F1 through F6, and F11 and F12.
F1. TypeAbility will remind the user exactly what he should be typing.
F2. Starts the next lesson.
F3. Opens a list of the 98 lessons from which the student can choose from. If youre in Teacher’s Mode, opens a list of Keyboarding Exercises the teacher has created.
F4. Opens a list box containg many Dictation exercises covering every conceivable typing challenge. Pick one, and TypeAbility will dictate to the student just as if dictating to a secretary. When the dictation is finished and the student is done typing, the student’s accuracy and speed are reported. If youre in Teacher’s Mode, opens a list of Dictation Exercises the teacher has created.
F5. Starts an entertaining Accuracy/Speed game for the current task the student is typing.
F6. Opens a list box containg many Academic Quizzes that can be run either as a practice test, where you get 4 trys and 4 increasingly detailed hints to get the right answer, or as a real test where you get one try per question.
F11. Toggles between TypeAbility Mode and Teacher’s Mode.
F12. Opens the Student’s progress report.

JAWS 13-2018, and Fusion: use Typeability 4.3.6+
MAGic 12-14: use Typeability 4.3.4
JAWS 12 and earlier: use Typeability 4.3.1

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