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Voxmate Android App

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Product Description

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Intuitive all-in-one gesture-based app for the visually impaired that talks to you

Listen to the news, scan printed text, read audiobooks and stay connected with just four swipe gestures: up, down, left, and right. Thanks to the intuitive and gesture-based interface, you can make your first call within 10 minutes of installing Voxmate, even if you have never used a smartphone without sight.

Voxmate is a self-voicing app that requires no TalkBack knowledge. Yet it feels right at home alongside TalkBack.

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A seamless suite of apps

Voxmate is the first app suite designed specifically for visually impaired people. The app was designed from the ground up to focus on a great audio experience rather than describing what’s on the screen, and that makes the whole experience uncluttered and intuitive.

Voxmate offers more than 20 audio-first apps at a low monthly subscription price. There are apps for reading news, listening to the radio, making calls, chatting on the Audio Forum and more. Voxmate is beneficial for everyone, but is especially useful for people who have difficulty using smartphones or screen readers. You can download and use Voxmate for free to find out if it’s right for you before you subscribe.

Start with just four swipes

Voxmate is designed so that anyone can start using it after a brief introduction, because navigation is simple. Each Voxmate app can be used with just four swipes: up, down, left and right. Swipe up or down to switch between options. Swipe right to activate an option, and swipe left to go back.

Learn on your own

Voxmate can be learned with the built-in hands-on tutorials. The first tutorial starts automatically when you first launch the app and teaches how to use the four main gestures. Later, you can complete tutorials on advanced gestures that explain how to play games, talk to Voxmate, or enter text.

Voxmate apps

When you launch Voxmate on your phone, you’ll get access to a range of audio-first Voxmate apps that will inform, entertain and help you stay in touch. All the apps are divided into 5 categories: Utilities, Entertainment, Social, Resources and Games. When you download the app, the list of apps might already be longer.


You can set Voxmate as your default dialer and use it to receive and make calls with a Phone app. In the Utilities category, you’ll find apps for scanning printed text (OCR), making voice recordings, and finding nearby places Wikipedia knows about.

Social media & resources

In the Social category, you can send your loved ones an instant message via Telegram or record a voice message for other Voxmate users on the Audio Forum. In the Resources category, you’ll find apps that can help and support you. For example, you have full access to Henshaw’s Knowledge Village content.


In the Games category, you can play Sudoku, Mathdoku, Blackjack, and Quiz on your own, or find a worthy opponent for a round of the card game Four Colours.


In the Entertainment category, you’ll find apps for accessing news and audiobooks, browsing YouTube, listening to music, podcasts, and radio.

The video to the left explains the Radio Voxmate app. For more information on all Voxmate apps, visit the website.

Advanced features

There are a few advanced features. One of them is recording: double tap the screen and hold your finger down while recording. This way you can send an audio message to a friend or post a new topic on the Audio Forum. The video on the right is a recording of the webinar demonstrating Voxmate for Sight and Sound followers.

Voxmate Requires

  • An Android phone running at least Android 7.0 Nougat. If you own an Android device purchased after 2016, you’re probably good to go. To find out the model of your device, check Android Settings – General – About.
  • Stable internet connection. At home or at work, use your Wi-Fi connection. If you also want to use Voxmate with a cellular internet connection, you will need a data plan from your service provider.
  • A Google Account. The name of a Google account usually ends with In some cases, it may also end with the domain of your workplace or school. If you use an Android device and have apps installed from Google Play or sign in to to read email, it’s likely that you already have a Google Account. If you don’t already have a Google Account, you can get one from Google for free