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ZoomText Multi-User Licence

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Product Description

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on the computer screen.

Site and District Licences are only available to Education, Charities and Public Libraries, all other organisations should purchase an Enterprise Licence.

All JAWS Multi-User Licences are available in either a network authorisation or stand-alone authorisation.

Multi-user licences are available in multiples of 5 users.

The additional Software Maintenance Agreement will provide the next two paid-for releases of the product.

A Network Licence can only be used where machines are permanently connected to the same network as the licence server.

Otherwise a Stand Alone licence should be selected.

Multi-user licences are available in multiples of 5 users.

The additional Software Maintenance Agreement will provide the next two paid-for releases of the product.

Product Description

Computers have become ever-present in our lives, and so has our need to access and use computers everywhere we go… at home, at school, at work, even in libraries and other public facilities. To make ZoomText readily available to individuals that need it, Ai Squared has introduced “ZoomText USB” – ZoomText on a USB flash drive that users can conveniently carry with them and use at any time.

With ZoomText USB, you can install and run ZoomText whenever and wherever you need to (with administrative privileges), without having to purchase additional licensing or activate each installation of the software. This makes ZoomText both convenient and inexpensive for both individuals and organizations, and faster to deploy in network environments. Once ZoomText has been installed on a system, ZoomText will automatically start up each time you plug in the USB drive – activated and ready to use.

Learn what is new in ZoomText 2024

ZoomText USB provides these important key benefits:

  • Access on any computer

    With ZoomText USB you can plug in and run ZoomText on any system without having to purchase additional licensing.

  • Portable and always within reach

    The ZoomText USB drive fits in your pocket or around your neck (on the included lanyard), so it’s always with you when you need it.

  • Easy to use

    Just plug in the ZoomText USB drive and ZoomText automatically starts up. If ZoomText is not installed, the friendly setup program is launched and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

  • Plug-and-Play license management

    Since the serial number is tied to the ZoomText USB drive, there are no serial numbers or license activations to worry about.

  • Take your settings with you

    Your personalized ZoomText configuration settings are saved to your USB drive and are automatically loaded each time you plug in and start ZoomText.

  • Single User and Multi User Pricing Options

    Choose the version best suited for you or your organization.

New Scripting Support

What kinds of things can you do with ZoomText Scripting?

  • Automatically announce selected fields of information when opening a spreadsheet, database, or any other application if you want to hear only certain information and you need to hear it immediately.
  • Automatically announce new items in your email inbox and automatically read each email that you open.
  • Automatically read aloud new text that arrives in chat windows.
  • Configure ZoomText to announce application controls and data in more meaningful way.
  • Stop ZoomText from announcing information that is not of interest.
  • Configure ZoomText to alert you when a selected field of information changes to a specified value, such as the balance in a spreadsheet dipping below £100.

This is just the tip of scripting iceberg. Let your imagination run wild. With the power of ZoomText Scripting Edition, users can achieve greater productivity and success in the workplace.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhance ZoomText’s Functionality

With the power of scripting, you can optimise ZoomText’s magnification and screen reading for more informative visual and audible feedback.

Automate and Streamline Tasks

ZoomText scripting allows you to automate time-consuming tasks in nearly any application, allowing you work with improved speed and efficiency.

Greater Productivity and Success

With your ZoomText scripting solution in place, you’ll enjoy greater productivity and success.

Deliver Custom Solutions

ZoomText scripting allows you to create custom solutions designed and optimised for the individual.

Please note the following:

A Network Licence can only be used where machines are permanently connected to the same network as the licence server.

Otherwise a Stand Alone licence should be selected.

Software Maintenance Agreement will provide the next two paid for releases of the product.

Multi User Licences are available in packs of 5. Once an initial First 5 User pack has been ordered as many Additional 5 User packs can be added as required.

ZoomText System Recommendations

To use ZoomText for Windows, we recommend a personal computer running Microsoft® Windows® with the following:

Description Specification
Operating System Windows® 11, Windows 10, Windows Server® 2022, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016.
ZoomText supports the x64 architecture for all operating systems.
Processor speed Recommended: 2.0 GHz i7 dual-core processor.
Memory (RAM) Recommended: 16 GB.
Required hard disk space 2 GB with more space required for additional voices.
Recommended: SSD drive.
Video Video/Graphics card or integrated graphics with support for DirectX 11 or later.
Sound Windows-compatible sound card (for speech).
Display 5-point multi-touch display for touch screen support.
USB USB 2.0 for ZoomText Camera support.


ZoomText Downloads

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Software

A single installer is provided for all ZoomText 2024 languages and license types.

The latest version of ZoomText can be downloaded using the links below. For new installations, download and save the executable file to your PC and install from there. The installer can be used for full installations or to update an existing installation already on your computer.

To install additional product languages other than English, select Options from the dialog box that displays after beginning the setup. Note that you can only install additional languages when performing a full installation and not when updating a version of the software that is already installed.

Learn what is new in ZoomText 2024

Note: The following link requires an internet connection during the installation. If you need to install ZoomText on a system that does not have an internet connection, choose the link below to the offline installer for secure environments.

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