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Sight and Sound Technology – supporting our end users during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having a significant and disruptive impact, worldwide, on people’s personal, educational and working lives. Nowhere and nobody is untouched during this Pandemic.
Here at Sight and Sound Technology, the challenges are significant. We must look after our own people and keep them safe, but at the same time we recognise that everybody who uses our services needs specialist technology and support in every part of their daily lives. They rely on us to provide it and keep it working.
Over the last few years, we have built a powerful mix of technology and automation to operate our company and we are confident that despite this being the most uncertain of times, we can continue to provide the broad range of specialist services to our clients and end users. For us, this is a real challenge as our day to day work requires us to work directly with the users of our technology and services, however our tried and tested disaster plan enables us to continue offering our critical customer service and support just as we do today.
We have implemented a range of measures inside the business to follow the Government “contain” and “delay” phases of defence to the virus and to secure our employees and people externally that they communicate with. We also have developed the capability to operate virtually and to offer products and services without being physically face-to-face.
If all of our staff are required to self-isolate during the COVID-19 Pandemic you can still:

Place Orders yes
Speak to us over the phone, via email and chat for quotes and enquiries yes
Speak to our technical support teams, allow remote access to your computer, obtain guidance and advice yes
Have demonstrations or familiarisation after purchase of any of our products by video call yes
Elect to have an assessment, training session or education programme online yes
Receive physical goods that you have purchased from our company yes
Speak to our administrative or accounts people and receive documents and information that you require from us yes
Escalate any issues that require urgent attention yes

Contact Centres and Technical Support – we have automation and systems in place that enables our people to work securely from remote locations, including their homes. We can take and make telephone calls and have access to our systems that allow us to offer all of our current services, including sales, enquiry handling, technical support, remote installation of software and financial services.  
Sales demonstrations, training sessions, education programmes – we have online technology that enables our people to use real time or recorded video, webinars, Skype, Teams and a number of remote technical solutions to allow us to demonstrate, install, train and fix technology that is out in the field with our end users. We are soon to introduce storage and back up services to complement our front-line technical support services and to further secure precious data that our end users rely on.
Goods In, Despatch and Delivery services – for companies that supply products that require shipping (as opposed to computer software that can be delivered over the Internet), this is the biggest challenge. Hygiene is the most important factor and we have ensured that anything that is touched by an individual is wiped clean hygienically before and during the build and packaging process. We have agreements in place with several parcel carriers and as long as they are operational then we can deliver products to our end users. We will supplement the delivery service with a remote installation and support service, that includes live or recorded video sessions where instruction is required to make our products operational. Our business premises are set up so that family members who normally live together can work in segregated areas to operate the activities that require a physical presence in our building. Our automated set up means that there are very few tasks that require us to be onsite for.
Disabled Students Allowance – Please see our DSA section to find out how we’re managing DSA services.
We are not claiming that our services will operate at the same level of efficiency, but we are confident that we have the technology and automation to operate a full suite of services to keep those who rely on assistive technology supported at this most unusual of times. We hope that this offers peace of mind and takes just one of the many uncertainties present right now, away from you.
Glenn Tookey
17th March 2020
Chief Executive Officer
t:             01604 798070
e:            [email protected]