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Sight Village Savers

We don’t need Black Friday, our Sight Village Specials are still available!

If you couldn’t make it to Sight Village South-East in London recently, fear not, we have some amazing discounts still available on your favourite products;  online and over the phone until 4th December.

10% Off KAPSYS SmartVision 3

10% Off KAPSYS SmartVision 3

Use coupon code QACKAP to get 10% off the only smartphone offering a triple interface with touch screen, physical keyboard and advanced vocalization system (voice synthesis and speech recognition).

KAPSYS is a french company designing and selling digital mobility and communication devices for visually-impaired people. KAPSYS products offer innovative features, accessible by all through simple and user-friendly interfaces.

SmartVision 3 incorporates many accessibility features as well as specific ergonomic features that make it easy to use and access the smartphone universe.

Find out more: SmartVision 3
Coupon code: QACKAP to be applied at checkout or given over the telephone.

10% Off OrCam READ Smart

10% Off OrCam READ Smart

Use coupon code QACORC to take advantage of this limited-time deal on these ingenious AI devices – game-changers in helping you work and live more independently!

OrCam Read is an intuitive handheld device, ideal for anyone who consumes large amounts of text. OrCam Read uses cutting-edge AI technology to scan and read digital and printed text, allowing you to dive into your favourite morning paper, indulge in any book, read through documents, articles and emails on your computer or smartphone screen with ease.

Find out more: OrCam READ Smart
Coupon code: QACORC to be applied at checkout or given over the telephone.

10% Off Envision Glasses – all Editions

Use coupon code QACENV for this exclusive deal on Envision Glasses, the AI-powered smartglasses that articulate everyday information into speech.
Lightweight, with an integrated camera and built-in speakers that speak out the visual world, they significantly improve the daily lives of people that areA woman is outdoors and wearing Envision glasses. Her fingers is on the side of the frame, navigating through the options. The text reads: Envision Glasses. blind or have low vision—providing an intuitive, easy way to access all kinds of visual information around you.

Envision have created the Editions range to suit a variety of personal and professional needs.

  • Read Edition 
    including Envision Glasses reading features: Instant Text, Scan Text, Batch Scan.
  • Home Edition 
    including all Envision Glasses features: Instant Text, Scan Text, Batch Scan, Call an Ally, Call Aira, Describe Scene, Detect Light, Recognise Cash, Detect Colors, Find People, Find Objects, Teach a Face and Explore.
  • Professional Edition 
    including all Envision Glasses features and suitable for purchase made through enterprise, agency or organisation for either commercial or non-commercial use.

Coupon code: QACENV to be applied at checkout or given over the telephone.

Image of young lady holding a WeWALK cane in one hand, and smartphone her other handBlack Friday Special replaces Sight Village Special for WeWALK Smartcane – Now SAVE 50%!

No need for a coupon, purchase your smartcane from our website or call us and save 50% – now yours for only £275! 

WeWALK is an award-winning, revolutionary smart cane designed to improve the safety and mobility of visually impaired people. The WeWALK comes with an Ambutech graphite cane, or the smart handle can attach to a standard white cane that provides obstacle detection using its built-in ultrasonic sensor technology. The smart cane also connects to the WeWALK mobile app to provide a range of other features.

Take a look at the WeWALK Smartcane

Black Friday Campaign from WeWALK - Save 50% Off Today