DSA Repair Terms

Please find below our Terms and Conditions.

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  • Please send the original (official manufacturer) power adapter along with the unit. Do not include any other accessories such as laptop cases, cables, or USB memory sticks, unless requested.
  • We recommend using the original packaging materials to ship your unit back to us.
  • If you do not have the original packaging, please pack the unit in a rigid cardboard box with enough packaging material such as bubble wrap or scrunched-up newspaper to ensure the unit does not move around in the box, and is protected from all sides. Secure the box with tape.
  • Ensure that power plugs and other sharp items are well packaged to ensure that they do not scratch or pierce other items in the box, or the box itself.
  • Using your own alternative packaging materials is at your own risk.

Laptop data

  • For computer systems, we advise that data should be backed up before the unit is sent to us. We cannot be held liable for any data loss due to hardware failure, though if necessary, we will attempt to recover data.
  • Any recovered data will be held by us for the duration of the repair, and deleted from our systems once the repair is complete. If we need to hold data for longer than 4 weeks, we will request your continued permission.
  • If your computer requires a password to login to Windows, please ensure that you include a note with the password clearly visible within the packaging of your computer.
    For laptops we suggest placing the note on top of the keyboard, shutting the lid with the note inside. If you do not wish to include a note, you must remove your login password.
  • Your equipment may be passed to a 3rd party supplier or manufacturer for repair purposes.

Data Protection Statement

The Information you provide to Sight and Sound Technology Limited (“the AT Provider”) is personal data and shall be held by the AT Provider in accordance with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Courier collections

  • Our courier DPD will collect your package on your preferred week day. We cannot request a specific time of day for a collection or delivery.
  • DPD will automatically send you an email (and text message if you have provided a mobile telephone number) on the day of collection, giving you a one hour time slot for the collection. DPD will arrive within this time slot.
  • If the given time slot or day is not suitable for you, you will have the opportunity to change this through a link in the email.
  • If you do not receive this message on the day of the collection, please advise us before 11:30am so we can check on the progress of the collection.
  • If the address is a workplace or student halls of residence, ensure that there is an easily accessible entrance with a staffed reception desk or delivery area. Please make sure that they are able to hold the parcel and sign for the collection.
  • When the courier arrives at your address, they will put their own identification sticker onto the box. There is no requirement to label or address the box yourself.

What your policy covers

  • Your DSA order may include both extended warranty cover, and accidental damage insurance cover. The following may be covered under accidental damage insurance rather than warranty:
    • cracked screens,
    • water damage,
    • physically dropped items,
    • foreign objects.
  • Please request your insurance policy details if any of the faults meet the above criteria or give us a call to discuss.