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Create a JAWS start up hotkey

Create a JAWS start up hotkey

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If JAWS stops for any reason whilst in use or you the computer is shared among sighted users who don’t need JAWS, it may be necerssary to set up a hotkey for restarting JAWS independantly.


Method 1: Using a mouse

  1. Minimize all apps to view the desktop.
  2. Right click the JAWS icon for the version being used.
  3. Then choose “Properties” in the context menu.
  4. Then click in the “Shortcut key” edit box.
  5. Type in a single letter, for example J. This will yeild the shortcut control+alt+J for starting JAWS.
  6. Then click “Apply” then “OK” when done.

Method 2: Using the keyboard

  1. Press Windows+D to go to the Desktop and then press letter J until you get to the JAWS program icon.
  2. Press ALT+ENTER on it to open properties.
  3. Then press TAB to reach the “shortcut key” edit box, then just type a letter J here.
  4. Press TAB to move to the “OK” button and press SPACEBAR on it.

Testing the hotkey

Whilst JAWS is running hold down control and alt keys and press letter J to start JAWS. If it is already running you will notice either the JAWS window or the JAWS context menu will be spoken. In either case this indicates the hotkey will work even if JAWS is not loaded

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