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Envision glasses: tips to improve performance

Envision glasses: tips to improve performance

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The Envision glasses are not working as expected and results poor.


Below are some tips for getting the best performance out of the Envision glasses.

  • Make sure the Envision Glasses are on the latest version 1.2.2
  • Check that any protective film is removed from the camera lens.

Colour detection Colour Detection: This depends on the environment. It is best to make sure that the user is trying to recognize the colours in a well-lit room or otherwise the colours may vary. This can also be applied if the surrounding is too bright, and might make the colours appear brighter than they are. Other factors affecting the colour detection can also be patterns, shadows. or otherwise.

To get the best results, a great tip would be to take a picture of the item in natural lighting and hold it against a white wall or ceiling so it doesn’t pick up other colours in the background.

Light Detection This provides information about how bright or dark your environment is, through sound cues. The user can choose to be notified with a varying pitch of tone or frequency of beeps, by doing a two-finger single tap within the feature. Lower pitch or frequency means a darker environment. The user can use this to detect whether the lights in your room are turned on or whether the computer screen is working. This feature is located in the ‘Identify’ category.

Instant Text This feature instantly reads any text that is detected by the camera and uses a camera feed instead of capturing an image. It is the quickest way to read a piece of text, whether printed or handwritten. This is ideal for reading short pieces that you want to scan through.

If the user is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network, we always recommend using online Instant Text; however, if this is unavailable, enabling offline Instant Text will still allow you to read Latin-based languages. There are two possible ways to switch between the online and offline Instant Text feature. The first way is by doing a two-finger tap on the ‘Instant Text’ option on the screen. The second option is to change the settings in the ‘Feature Preferences’ category.

Further information Our AI accuracy definitely does its best to describe our users’ environment, but not 100% as there is room for improvement to produce new efficiencies and enhance human capabilities. Those erroneous results will occur, which is why at Envision, we strive to provide our end users with the best accessible experience, we continue to evolve and collect continuous feedback to prioritize our roadmap and fulfill your wish list. We will always keep you informed about all our improvements at this link:

Finally, we realised that most of the customer’s issues are solved with the following:

• Update Envision Glasses to the latest version • Update Envision AI App to the latest version • Turn On and Turn Off Envision Glasses: To turn off your Envision Glasses, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. You will hear a sound when the Envision Glasses initiate the power-off process, which completes in 20 seconds. • Double-check power outlets, USB cable and charger • Users with an Android device must enable ‘Location’ and ‘Privacy’ from the phone settings in order to pair the glasses.

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