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Focus Bluetooth pairing problems and solutions

Focus Bluetooth pairing problems and solutions

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When attempting to pair the Focus using the VoiceOver Braille display options you receive a message stating “pairing unsuccessful” and pairing fails.

General guidelines

• Make sure the IOS device is as up to date as possible by going into Settings > General > Software update. • Make sure the Focus display is either connected to external power or is fully charged.

Step 1: Cycle on/off bluetooth radio to release pairings

First, either turn the iPhone’s Bluetooth radio off and back on again. This will cause all pairings and attempted pairings to be released, in case the radio is “hung” after an attempted pairing failed.

Step 2: Re-attempt pairing after cycling Blutooth radio

Once the Bluetooth has been restarted, re-attempt the pairing, as usual, through the Voiceover Braille Settings interface, please navigate to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Braille > Choose a Braille display. Further details available here:

Step 3: Remove old Focus Bluetooth pairings

If this does not work, check the Connections item in the Focus’s Configuration menu to be sure that pairings were not inadvertently left on the unit during quality testing. To do this follow the steps below.

:::(Info) (Note) To make the process a bit less complicated, perform the steps with the Focus not connected via USB or Bluetooth to any device: :::

  1. Power the Focus 14 Blue on
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Press a Rocker Bar up until you reach Connections
  4. Press the right Shift button
  5. Use a Rocker Bar to move through the list of connections, if any exist.
  6. Navigate to Delete All and press Dot 8
  7. Press y (Dots 13456) to proceed with the deletion
  8. Press the right Selector button to exit the menu item and press the right Selector button again to exit the Configuration menu.

Step 4: Re-attempt Bluetooth pairing

Please re-attempt paring instructions as above (step 1)

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