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How to lock and unlock the keyboard or controls on a Focus Blue 4th or 5th Generation Braille Display

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The Focus Blue 4th and 5th Generation Braille Displays offer a keyboard locking option that disables the 9 Braille keys (the Perkin-style keyboard). For example, you could use this lock to prevent losing your place when inadvertently pressing a key. There is a padlock symbol near the right side of the Braille display when the keyboard lock is on.

The Focus Blue 5th Generation also has a control locking feature that locks the 9 Braille keys plus the NavRockers, but does not lock the Cursor Router buttons, Panning buttons, and Rocker bars. It is not a feature the typical user will want to turn on. Some call center apps have used this full locking option so that only traditional keys are used. There is no display that indicates when this locking feature is on.

Sometimes a user might inadvertently turn on either of the above locking features and not know how to unlock it. Steps for locking and unlocking each feature type for the Focus Blue 4th and 5th Gen Braille displays are given below.


To lock or unlock the 9 Braille keys on a Focus Blue 4th or 5th Generation Braille display:

  1. If there are any active USB or Bluetooth connections, you must place them in the background. To do this on a Focus 4th Gen, quickly press and release the Power button. To do this on a Focus 5th Gen, press the Menu button once. The time, battery percentage, charging status, and the active connections are displayed.
  2. To lock, press the Left Nav Mode button + any Cursor Router button. A symbol shaped like a closed padlock is displayed near the right end of the Braille display. This is a two-cell symbol that includes dots 234678 in the first cell and dots 135678 in the second cell. Focus 14 Blue users will need to pan forward to see this symbol.
  3. To unlock, press the Right Nav Mode button + any Cursor Router button. The padlock symbol is no longer displayed.
  4. Press the Left selector button to return to the currently active connections.

To lock or unlock the Control lock feature (9 Braille keys plus NavRockers) on a Focus Blue 5th Generation Braille display:

  1. To lock, press the Menu button + Left Nav Mode button. There is no display indicator that this lock is on.
  2. To unlock press the Menu button + Right Nav Mode button.

Note: On the Focus 5th Gen, the keyboard lock can be enabled at the same time as the keyboard and controls lock. If this is the case, you must unlock the keyboard and controls lock option first, then unlock the keyboard lock feature.

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