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How to repair a JAWS installation

How to repair a JAWS installation

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If JAWS is not working correctly you can try to repair the installation to fix the issue.


Before running the repair download the version of JAWS appropriate to your license using the links below.

  1. Using the above links download the appropriate JAWS installer with which to conduct the repair. Locate the downloaded JAWS package you need to install with.
  2. Then press CONTROL+SHIFT+F10 to open the context menu.
  3. Then down arrow to “copy as path” and press ENTER.
  4. Then press WINDOWS+R to open the “Run” command.
  5. Then press CONTROL+V to paste the path to your download.
  6. Now type a space and a forward slash and add the word “type” and “repair” with a space between as per example where the “PackageName.exe” is the filename of your JAWS download.:

JAWSPackageName.exe /type repair

  1. Press ENTER to begin the repair. Follow the instructions until completion and restart your computer when asked.
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