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JAWS manual activation procedure

JAWS manual activation procedure

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You need to authorise a JAWS installation within a business or other secure computing environment and the online activation method does not work.


JAWS provides for manual activation for environments where firewalling and other security measures may prevent online automatic activation of the software. Follow the steps below.

Note: Admin rights to the Windows system will be required to successfully complete

  1. Start JAWS if it is not already running.
  2. When the “Update authorisation” appears press spacebar to activate it.
  3. When prompted input the 20 digit authorisation number for the license and click “next” or press ENTER.
  4. On the next screen when asked choose “manual” activation using the arrow keys.
  5. Then either click Next button or press ENTER.
  6. You will then see a locking code number and input fields for the 20 digit authorisation number.
  7. With your browser visit:
  8. Enter the 20 digit authorisation number for your license and the locking code number from the JAWS activation wizard and click submit button.
  9. The next page displays the license code, you can:
  1. click the “copy” button to copy the license code into the clipboard or;
  2. Double click he top line of the license code to highlight the code including the # sign and press control to copy to clipboard.
  1. Then return to the activation wizard and click in the “Activation license code” edit box and press control or right click and choose “paste” to copy the license code into the activation wizard and click “next” and then “Finish”.
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