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Polaris Maths

Polaris Maths

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You wish to use Braille math code on Polaris.


Set up UEB Maths code:

  1. In Word processor press F1 to open the menu.
  2. Press Enter on File, then type E to open the Settings (or go down using Space+dot 4 then Enter).
  3. Type T or go down with Space+dot4 to get to Math code.
  4. Press Space to toggle it between UEB and Nemeth.
  5. Press Enter.

Maths Mode: To start Maths mode, press Backspace-M. The Polaris should say “Start UEB Mode”. You can then type UEB Maths symbols. Once you have entered your maths, you can press Backspace-M again to “End UEB Mode”.

To find a symbol whilst in UEB mode, press Space+H. The Polaris should open a menu, starting at the top, “Operations”. You can go down to the category you desire, then Enter, then find the symbol you need. For example, the square root symbol is under the “Roots, Superscripts and Subscripts” category. The Square root is then the first in the list. The Braille for Square root is dot 5 then 1-4-6.

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