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Polaris reset

Polaris reset

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The Polaris notetaker is suddenly functioning erratically or not as expected.


You can reset the Polaris to see if this will resolve the issue:

Method 1: if the unit will start and you can access the menus

  1. Press F1 to open the menus and navigate to “Settings” menu and press ENTER.
  2. Then navigate to “initialize Polaris Options and press ENTER. Alternatively press letter C after accessing the “Settings” menu.
  3. You are then prompted, “Do you want to initialize options?” Use “Space” to choose “Yes” or “No”. Choosing “Yes” initiates the factory reset process. Choosing “No” cancels the function and returns you to the “Polaris Settings” menu.

Notes: This reset does not remove any of the Android settings such as Google accounts, etc.

Method 2: If the united will not start at all

  1. Press and hold dot7 & F1 & media stop button all together.
  2. Whilst holding the buttons press power to switch on.
  3. Release dot7, F1 and Media stop button when you hear the power on music and “HIMS” is displayed on the Braille line.

Media buttons left to right: Back, Record, Stop, Play/Pause, Forward

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