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Recommended Adobe Reader settings for Zoomtext

Recommended Adobe Reader settings for Zoomtext

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You wish to read documents in Adobe Reader with Zoomtext but are unable to make the speech work with these documents.


1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by searching in the start menu.
2. Then select Edit > Preferences or press CONTROL+K for “Preferences” window.


The Preferences dialogue is a large group of settings split up into categories on the left side, click the matching category and then update the settings listed, then move on to the next category without clicking OK at the bottom of the dialogue..

Security (Enhanced)

3. Then uncheck the option marked “Protected mode at startup”.
4. Then “Protected view” radio button to “Off.


5. Then click “Reading” in the left hand category list.
6. Set the “Reading Order” drop down to “Left to right, top to bottom” setting.
7. Uncheck the option “override reading order in tagged documents”.
8. Then set “page verses document” drop down to “Read entire document”.

Multimedia & 3D

9. Set “Preferred renderer” drop down to “Software”.
10. Uncheck “Enable hardware rendering for legacy video cards”.


11. Enable “Always use page layout” checkbox and set the drop down to the right to “Single page”.
12. Enable “Always use page zoom setting” and set the drop down to “100%”.
13. Ensure “Enable Assistive technology support” checkbox is checked.


14. [Optional] Uncheck “Restore last view settings when reopening a document”.
15. [Optional] Uncheck “Allow documents to hide the menu bar, toolbar and other controls.
16. When finished with changing settings click “OK” button or press ENTER on the dialogue to update settings then close and restart Adobe reader.

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