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Requirements for using Remote Access with JAWS or Fusion

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Applies to:

  • JAWS
  • Fusion

Supported remote access clients

  • Citrix: Receiver or Workspace client for Windows.
  • RDP: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 5.0 or later (mstsc). Windows Remote Desktop (MSRDC) is not supported at this time.
  • VMWare Horizon: client 2006 or newer. (as of JAWS/Fusion 2020)
  • Amazon WorkSpaces client (as of JAWS/Fusion 2020)

Client system also requires:

  • JAWS or Fusion software installed through the normal installer
  • JAWS or Fusion software activated with a licence which includes the remote access add-on. (Check in Help>About for “Remote Access: Enabled”)

Remote system requires:

  • JAWS or Fusion software installed through the normal installer (same version) – No need for activation on the remote system. A single-user licence will cover an unlimited number of servers – the licence is only restricted per client PC.
  • Virtual Channels enabled/unblocked.

When connecting from the local system to the remote system, your local copy of JAWS/Fusion shares the product licence with the remote system. The local JAWS and remote JAWS then communicate with each other to facilitate keyboard shortcuts and speech etc. This uses Virtual Channels within your remote access protocol.

Thin clients are not supported at this time.

Further information

Further information is available in this document from Freedom Scientific.

As of JAWS/Fusion 2020, JAWS and Fusion now includes a new Remote Desktop dialog box to help troubleshoot remote access connection issues. It can be accessed from the Options menu in JAWS or the Support submenu in the Fusion main menu. From this dialog box, you can:

  • See whether or not your Freedom Scientific software is authorized for remote access.
  • Check the status for each supported remote channel (Remote Desktop, Citrix, or VMWare Horizon).
  • Repair any channel that is reported to not be working.
  • Test the connection between the client and server/remote computers.
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