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Resetting Focus 5th generation Braille displays.

Resetting Focus 5th generation Braille displays.

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Thee Focus display is not working as expected and may require resetting.


A reset procedure is available for units running firmware version 5.81-37 or later. Please note that the reset will erase user settings and Bluetooth pairings existing in the unit.

  1. To restore factory defaults press all the following keys together: Right Selector, Right Shift, Left Mode Button ( Blue round button on top left).
  2. With the above keys held down press and hold the power button until the display responds by showing an alternating pattern of dots toggling to indicate reset is complete.
  3. Release the keys and the unit will reboot and the reset process will be complete..

Notes: The below illustration for any sighted helpers as guide to relevant keys to press and hold.

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