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What if JAWS® 2020 does not work on the remote desktop of an Amazon Workspaces Server (AWS)?

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Starting in the June update of JAWS 2020, if you have a local machine with an Amazon WorkSpaces Client, you can connect to an Amazon Workspaces Server that is being used as a remote JAWS server.

After starting JAWS on the client machine, open Amazon Workspaces Client and log on. Once connected to the Amazon Workspaces Server and being logged on, you can start JAWS on the server.

JAWS can be configured on the server to start automatically after logon. But the additional option to “Start JAWS at the logon screen” is not supported in this situation. This holds true for Fusion 2020 and ZoomText 2020 as well.

The connection between the JAWS server and the JAWS client depends on the server’s Teradici PCoIP driver. This driver is loaded late in the startup process and is not available while logging on to the server.

Therefore, JAWS will not properly start if “Start JAWS at the logon screen” is checked.


If JAWS does not work after logging on to the Amazon WorkSpaces Server, it could be that “Start JAWS at the logon screen” is selected and causing an issue with JAWS initializing completely. You will need to do the following to correct the situation:

  1. Exit JAWS via the taskbar.
  2. Open JAWS in 40-minute trial mode by typing “JAWS 2020/standalone” in the Start edit box and pressing ENTER.
  3. Open JAWS menu > Options > Basics.
  4. Select the Automatically Start JAWS button to open its dialog box.
  5. Make sure “Start JAWS at the logon screen” is not checked.
  6. If you want JAWS to start automatically for all users, make sure “Start JAWS after logon for all users” is checked.
  7. If you want JAWS to start automatically only for the user that is currently logged in, then navigate to “Start JAWS after logon for this user:” and make sure the combo box option is set to “Always”.
  8. Select OK to close the “Start JAWS Options” dialog box.
  9. Select OK to close the “Basic Settings” dialog box.
  10. Restart the Amazon WorkSpaces Server machine.

JAWS should now start normally after logging on to the AWS server.

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