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Zoomtext manual activation

Zoomtext manual activation

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Manual activation process can be used for corporate and secure environments where automatic activation fails. It can be also used for domestic situations where for some reason automatic activation is unsuccessful.


  1. Start ZoomText/Fusion normally if not already running so that it can prompt for activation.
  2. Then click “Start Activation”.
  3. Then click “Manual activation” radio button.
  4. On the next screen take down the “locking code” number and fill out the authorisation number with the 20 digit code for you license.
  5. Click the link below to visit the activation website:
  6. Enter the 20 digit authorisation number and locking code into the edit fields and click “Submit” button.
  7. The next page will display your your license code, you can click the copy code button or highlight and copy the license code up to and including the # sign.
  8. Return back to the Zoomtext/Fusion activation wizard and paste in the “activation license code” edit area within the Zoomtext/Fusion activation” window.
  9. Now click “Next” and you will be notified if activation has been successful. You can check under in the main program Window by clicking the menu Zoomtext > About Zoomtext/Fusion and you should find your product serial number displayed. If you see 801 for serial number this means activation has been unsuccessful and to contact Sight and Sound support on [email protected] or 01604 798 000.
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