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Synapptic launches its new Version 7 update with Synapptic Reader!

A press release from Synapptic on their latest Version 7 update:

“We’re delighted to announce the release of Version 7, our latest software update, which includes over 20 new features! Version 7 also includes our new innovative Synapptic Reader feature, giving you easy access to the world of Android apps. To learn more, watch our videos at
To order your FREE 15-day Trial Version, please visit our website at
At Synapptic, we’re always striving to give you access to all the latest technology innovations, whatever your level of sight loss. Up until now, Synapptic software has given people with sight loss a simple way to use mobile technology. But now, you can explore outside of the Synapptic environment in the same easy way, using our Synapptic Reader.
In recent years, the explosion of apps has followed the rise in mobile technology, enabling you to access specific services or perform specific tasks, directly from your device. Our new Synapptic Reader, included in Version 7, gives you a simple way to leave the Synapptic environment and read out the text on any Android app, using your smartphone or tablet.
So whether you want to listen to your favourite music on Spotify, download and listen to an audiobook on Audible, send a free message to friends & family using WhatsApp, or access free sighted assistance with Be My Eyes, it’s easy to move quickly outside of Synapptic. As soon as you leave Synapptic and move onto any Android screen or app, Synapptic Reader will start speaking automatically, then switch off when you return to the Synapptic environment.
Other new features include our enhanced Web Browser, making it easy to search the internet and have all results displayed in a simple Synapptic list. And also the ability to use automated call systems and pick up your voice mail messages easily. Using our unique Synapptic touch and release system, all features and lists are read out automatically as you scroll down each item, then release your finger to open the selected feature or link.
We’ve also released our new smartphone and tablet packages, which include the latest models from Samsung, bringing you the most advanced mainstream technology, made easy and accessible through our Synapptic software.
Our Synapptic phone and tablet packages, with Version 7 software included, are now available to buy for as little as £299″.
For more information on any of the Synapptic devices, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 01604 798070.
Alternatively, you can take a closer look at some of the Synapptic devices on our online store here: