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Top 5 Tips for ZoomText Beginners 

Image of the Zoomtext software and a monitor with the Zoomtext logo on it. Text at the bottom reads: Tip 5 Tips for Using ZoomText

ZoomText Magnifier and ZoomText Magnifier Reader are such powerful tools for people with low vision. If you are struggling to use your computer due to low vision or perhaps your eye condition means that your vision is changing or deteriorating, it is certainly worth taking a closer look at ZoomText.  

ZoomText is software that is uploaded to any computer or laptop and enlarges everything that is on the screen, making your applications accessible again, ensuring that you can maintain your independence, work or study, stay in touch with family and friends and perform any task that you need to online. 

ZoomText Magnifier Reader also has the option of speech, as well as magnification.  

If you’re a beginner, here are our top tips for getting the most out of ZoomText. 

  1. Explore  

ZoomText is a really powerful programme with lots of different options so take some time to explore the settings to see what suits you. You can alter the magnification level, the colour contrast, how much of the screen is magnified, what your cursor looks like…there is something to suit all levels of vision.  

You might like to have the entire screen magnified or just the section your cursor is on. You might like a highlight box around what you’re focusing on. You might want white on black or yellow on black – these are just some of the settings that can be altered to suit your needs. Try out the settings using different programmes like Word, email and your web browser to figure out what suits for different tasks.  

2. Save settings 

When you have taken the time to explore your options and decided on the settings you need – save them! This can be a common mistake and a cause of frustration when you have to re-set them when you launch ZoomText again.  

3. Reader / Voice function 

ZoomText Magnifier Reader also has a reader, or voice option, which will read aloud what is on the screen and can be really handy for longer documents. It can be used whether you are reading or typing and want to hear back what you’ve written. You can also have the voice on to help with navigation, when it will read aloud anything that you hover over.  

Again, there are various settings here to explore. You can change the rate of the voice, choose to have the entire document read aloud, or only the lines or section you have selected. If you’re typing it can read either each letter or the word only. Different settings might suit for different tasks and they can be easily changed.   

4. Shortcuts 

Shortcuts are life! ZoomText will prompt you with keyboard shortcuts to help you easily change settings if you prefer different magnification level, colour contrast or voice for different tasks. Becoming more familiar with shortcuts will save you time (obviously) but also make you more likely to change options and settings as you need to because they make it so simple, ensuring you get the most out of all of ZoomText and ZoomText Magnifier Reader’s functionality.  

5. Support and training 

Be patient, any new programme can take time to get used to and we want to ensure that you get the most out of it so make sure to avail of follow-up support and training