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Useful Tips and Tricks For Your HIMS U2 Experience

No, I am not referring to Irish rockers U2, I am instead sharing some “how to” hints on the Hims U2 and U2 Mini Braille note-takers. So keep these commands handy for future reference …


One of the many useful features of the Hims line of products is the ability to backup or restore your settings if the machine ever needs to be reset to factory default, or it is updated with the latest firmware. Here are a couple of useful tips to help you in this situation.
It is possible to make a backup of all the settings you prefer on your machine, for example, start-up tune, power saving and voice all turned off, or Bluetooth and WiFi turned on. So before you perform a complete or hard reset, or update your device to the latest firmware, follow these easy steps.

  1. From the main menu, choose Settings, then Backup/Restore Personalised Settings.
  2. Next, tab to the Select All button and press enter.
  3. Now tab once to the Backup button and press enter.

All your personalised settings on the machine will now be saved.
The next time your U2 has had a factory reset, or the firmware updated, it is very simple to restore all those settings you had previously, and here’s how.

  1. As before, from the main menu, select Settings, then Backup/Restore Personalised Settings.
  2. Tab to the Select All button and press enter.
  3. Now tab to the Restore button and press enter.
  4. At this point, the FlashDisk, or internal storage, is displayed. Press the space-bar to select it, noting the asterisk that indicates you have done so.

By pressing enter, you will soon see that your machine has restored all the settings you had before, and is a much quicker way than going through each setting to make your choice.
Another very useful feature of the U2 family is the ability to select individual files in a folder to copy or move them in one go. For example, if you want to copy the second file in a list, then the fourth, then the seventh to the clipboard, you can do so by pressing the space-bar to highlight each file you want to copy or move. You can determine the files you have selected because an asterisk appears before each one. When you have made your selection, simply use dots one-four with the enter key to copy them to the clipboard, or dots one-three-four-six to cut. Now go to the folder where you want to move the files, and press dots one-two-three-six with enter to paste them. Job done!
Finally, 10 quick commands you can use from the main menu of the device to speedily ascertain information, or perform actions directly. This is not an exhaustive list of shortcuts, but they are productive.

  1. Dots one-two-three-six with space: provides the build number of your firmware.
  2. Dots one-three-four-five with space: gives the current network status of your unit.
  3. Dots one-two-five with space: offers a list of commonly used commands on the U2.
  4. Dots one-two-four-five with space: toggles between contracted, uncontracted and computer Braille grades.
  5. Dots two-four with space: tells you the remaining storage on your FlashDisk.
  6. Dots two-four-five-six with space: opens the address bar to type in an URL.
  7. Dots one-six with space: tells you the battery status.
  8. Dots two-three-four-five with space: gives the current time.
  9. Dots two-four-five with space: brings up the sleep timer.
  10. Dots one-three-five with space: opens the Options menu within Settings.

Guest Blogged by Jackie Brown