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What’s new in the ZoomText and Fusion 2018 November Updates

This update applies to ZoomText 2018.1811.8 and Fusion 2018.1811.4.

Improvements in Chrome

  • The text cursor and program focus are now tracked, highlighted and echoed with greater accuracy and reliability.
  • AppReader’s Next Paragraph command (UP arrow) and Previous Paragraph command (DOWN arrow) are now working.

Improvements in Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365

  • In Word documents, AppReader now skips over text that is marked as deleted.
  • In Word’s Review pane, ZoomText now displays a Cursor Enhancement on the text cursor.
  • In Excel 2016, a problem with Excel spontaneously crashing when clicking in cells, block selecting cells or scrolling the sheet has been fixed.
  • In Excel 2016, a problem with multiple cells becoming selected when selecting one cell with the mouse has been fixed.
  • In Outlook, when opening email ZoomText would announce the email differently depending on how the email was opened, that is, by using the mouse or using the keyboard. The announcement of email is now consistent regardless of how the email is opened.
  • In Outlook, the address fields are now echoed.

Improvements in Skype

  • In Skype, the text cursor and program focus are now tracked, highlighted and echoed with improved accuracy and reliability.
  • In Skype, Mouse Echo now reads the item under the pointer in Skype’s Suggested list of contacts.

Improvements in localizations

  • A collection of translation and formatting errors have been fixed in localized versions of ZoomText and Fusion. These fixes occurred in the Arabic, Norwegian, Portuguese Brazil and Turkish localizations.

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

  • In list views, ZoomText now announces the correct column title when navigating across the columns for each line item.
  • On multiple monitor systems, when running in the Windows 10 Lock Screen, using the Zoom In and Zoom Out commands would cause ZoomText to restart. This problem has been fixed.


Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

  • When installing Fusion, desktop icons are supposed to be created for Fusion, JAWS and ZoomText. However, the ZoomText icon was not being created. This problem has been fixed.

ZoomText 2019 Downloadable Installer

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Fusion 2019 Downloadable Installers by Locale

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Fusion French Installer – FRA

Fusion French Canadian Installer – FRC

Fusion German Installer – DEU

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