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Windows navigation and AfterShokz headphones

At Sight & Sound we are passionate about innovative technology and solutions which can make the difference for the blind and partially sighted.
So we were excited to read about the technology being developed between Microsoft and Guide Dogs that is designed to help the blind and partially sighted, navigate cities easier and safer. The technology relays navigation information to a user’s Windows Phone, which then provides audio cues about their surroundings via a headset.
Integral to this technology are the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, which Sight & Sound are the distributor for in the UK. ┬áThese headphones are ‘open ear’ headphones – they hook above the ears and relay sound via the jawbone to the inner ear where the vibrations are interpreted as sound. The headphones mean the wearer can receive audio from a device whilst also being able to clearly hear the sounds from the environment they are in.
A picture of bone conductive headphones