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QBraille XL

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Product Description

A Unique Blend of a Perkins Keyboard and QWERTY Function Keys!

QBraille XL represents an entirely new type of 40-cell Braille display. The QBraille XL replaces the need for special keystrokes with the intuitively placed function keys found on all QWERTY keyboards. With the QBraille XL, closing an application means simply pressing the dedicated and familiar Alt+F4 buttons.

QBraille XL introduces a new innovation to the Braille display market, offering blind users their natural method of Braille entry combined with intuitive command operation through standard QWERTY keys, while offering the connectivity of Smart Beetle, the applications of Braille EDGE, and many new features.

  • QBraille XL centres around an innovative hybrid keyboard with Braille keys at its centre, surrounded by standard QWERTY modifier and function keys in their typical positions.
  • QBraille XL offers traditional Braille Terminal mode, Keyboard Mode, or Hybrid Mode for traditional screen reader operation, standard keyboard connectivity, or Screen Reader output combined with standard keyboard input.
  • QBraille XL supports one USB and 6 simultaneous Bluetooth connections, for immediate Braille access to all your devices with a single keystroke.

Key Features

Flexible and Versatile

QBraille XL offers internal Braille translation of 17 Braille tables for Notepad and keyboard mode entry. Keyboard, Braille and Hybrid Modes are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Enhance your productivity with QBraille XL!

Not only is QBraille XL a unique and innovative Braille display, it also helps you manage your daily activities. Enhance your productivity with internal stand-alone applications such as Notepad, DAISY Reader, Calculator, Alarm, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and Calendar.

Read & Save!

Read and save your documents, DAISY text books and Scheduler data to the SD card. You can use up to 32GB SDHC cards with QBraille XL, enough to store thousands of books and documents for reading on the go. Read Braille, text, PDF files and Word documents with QBrailleís Notepad, and create and save text and Braille files.

Stay connected all day!

Connect QBraille XL to a computer, smart phone, or tablet via Bluetooth and stay connected throughout the day without the need for charging. For even longer operating time, connect via USB and enjoy all the great features of QBraille XL while simultaneously charging the unit.

BRAILLE DISPLAY: 40 Refreshable Braille Cells
KEYBOARD: Hybrid Keyboard
(9-Key traditional Perkins style keybaord & QWERTY type function keyboard)
COMMUNICATION: Bluetooth, USB Keyboard
INTERFACE: Power Button, USB Type-C Port, SD Slot, Power & Bluetooth LED Indicators
PLATFORM/OS: Windows CE 6.0
RAM: 256MB
External Storage: Standard SD Slot
BODY: Dimensions (W x D x H) 310x119x18 mm (12.20×4.69×0.71 in)
Weight: Approx. 1.82 lb (825 g)
Material: Plastic with Metal Frame
BATTERY: Power Requirement 5V 2A
Type: Li-Polymer Built-in Battery
Capacity: 4700mAh
Charging Port: USB Type-C
SOFTWARE/Applications: Notepad, Scheduler, Alarm, Calculator, Clock, Stop Watch, Countdown Timer, DAISY Reader
Supported Format: DOC, DOCX, BRF, TXT, RTF, PDF(text)
Compatibility: JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova, System Access, NVDA, Voice-Over for Mac and iOS, BrailleBack for Android, Mobile Speak, TALKS
SAFETY: Premium TPU Carrying Case

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