Repair Terms

Returning your Equipment

  • The unit must be securely packaged in a box, with enough packaging material such as bubble wrap or scrunched-up newspaper to ensure the unit does not move around in the box. We, nor the courier, will be held responsible for any damage in transit due to poor packaging.
  • Please send the power adapter along with the unit. Do not include any other accessories such as laptop cases, cables, or USB memory sticks, unless requested. Failure to supply the correct parts may result in a £30 delivery charge being raised to cover any costs incurred and a delay in the repair process.

Unsuccessful Collections

  • Unsuccessful collections (beyond the control of Sight and Sound Technology or our appointed courier company) may result in a £10 charge being raised to cover any costs incurred. Subsequent collections will not be arranged until this charge has been paid in full.

Non-Warranty Repairs

  • Non-warranty repair costs will be applicable in the following circumstances. You will be charged £94.90 inspection and courier costs, and quoted for any further repair.
    • If no fault is found.
    • If the issue is caused by physical damage. For instance, damage sustained in transit, cracked screens, or water damaged and physically dropped items will not be covered under warranty.
    • If the issue is caused by a software fault, and no hardware fault is found.
    • Damage caused by third-party parts (including power adapters).

For non-warranty repairs, the following charges apply:

  • £94.90 for courier, initial inspection, including 1 hour labour.
  • £75 per additional hour labour.
  • Any additional costs for parts and labour will be quoted before going ahead with the repair.

Your Device Data

  • For computer based system, we advise that data should be backed up before the unit is sent to us. Sight and Sound Technology cannot be held liable for any data loss due to hardware failure.

Data Protection Statement

  • The Information you provide to Sight and Sound Technology Limited (“the AT Provider”) is personal data and shall be held by the AT Provider in accordance with it’s obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. Your personal data may be transferred to carefully selected third parties for audit purposes, which are for the legitimate business purposes of the AT Provider.