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Catch up with Stuart Beveridge

By Shauna Humphries

We were delighted to catch up with Stuart Beveridge from Seescape Fife recently. Stuart is a self-confessed tech addict. We prefer the term tech guru! Either way, he’s a mine of information about what’s out there and he was kind enough to share his views on some products with us, which we’ve captured here for you.  

SmartVision 3

Sold by Sight&Sound Technology. Tactile Smartphone which can be controlled by tactile keypad or touchscreen. Includes Google Assistant, Captain GPS, App download etc. Performs functions including doc scanning etc. Nice sense of choice between tactile and touch feel. Full description available here: 


Menu-driven software available to download on Samsung or Android. Start at top of screen and run your finger from top to bottom. Gives descriptors of each menu item. Stop at an item and lift your finger to reveal another menu. On Android touch the red cross at top left of screen to return to main screen. Useful for performing quick tasks. Possible to download 3rd party apps. Full description available here: 

Seeing AI

Microsoft app available for IOS. Has new World channel which allows you to film indoor routes such as lobby to office. You can save/share the route when finished, and you can choose to follow route and app guide you by using audio cues. Can be used alongside cane/guide dog. Full description available here: 

Apple site for visually impaired: 


IOS app used to scan sell-by dates on products. Works off subscription but possible to avail of 2 weeks free trial. When scanning, app guides you to the date using audio cues and then reads you the date. App tries to guess where date on product is located, for example on products such as butter cartons. Useful for healthy eating. Full description available here: 

OrCam MyEye Pro

Small camera which attaches to a magnet that reads printed text, recognises faces and products etc. 2 new features: Smart Reading – works off voice command, say “Hey OrCam, Smart Reading”, or say “Hey OrCam, Read Everything” to read a whole page of text. Useful for restaurant menus. Can also read sections of text. Example: “Hey OrCam, start from main courses, or start from steak.” It will read everything relative to the item. Feature in Beta: Orientation – recognises objects such as doors, stairs (ascending/descending), table, chairs etc. Still doesn’t describe where things are in a room. Example: you would need to ask “Hey OrCam, What’s in front of me?” Full description available here: 


Similar to OrCam but works online. Takes pic of object and then you hold button down to voice command. Offers ability to ask questions about an object, for example Where’s the nearest Asda? Can be connected using Hotspot. Full description available here: 


Wearable mobility aid that gives you haptic feedback when there are obstacles at head, chest or ground level. Full description available here: 


Mobility device comprising built-in GPS and obstacle detector. Should detect location of obstacles and whether they are at head, midriff or ground level by using audio cues. Works in tandem with cane/guide dog. Full description available here: 

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