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Festive Friday: Unpacking More Tech With Stuart Beveridge

Navy background with a string of stars at the top. Sight and Sound logois at the top of the image and underneath is the text: Festive Friday. Friday 8th Dec, 11.00. Join us as we unpack the best tech of the year with Stuart Beveridge.

Over the past year Stuart has been testing out some of the most cutting-edge devices on the market. Read on to find out more about top tech for under the tree this year:

Seeing AI Comes to Android

If you are competent with Seeing AI on IOS and have basic knowledge of using Seeing AI with TalkBack, then Seeing AI on Android is for you:

  • Works on all Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Works well alongside Synaptic Reader.
  • Includes all popular Seeing AI features (reading short text, product description and face recognition etc), except for the World Channel.
  • Free to download from Google Play Store

The All-New Soundscape App

Developed by The Scottish Tech Army, this is the Soundscape we all know and love. The only difference is it now has it’s own app which is considerably more developed than the previous Microsoft version. This all-new Soundscape has the potential to include the following features:

  • Public Transport Information
  • Door Detection
  • Potentially guide the user to a bus/train and guide them at the other end once they reach their destination.
  • Download the All-New Soundscape today by visiting the app store
  • Other available Soundscape apps include Soundscape Community and VoiceVista

The Driver-less Bus

The Driver-less Bus was developed by Stagecoach and contains self-driving software that can do the following:

  • Self-drive on the motorway
  • Change lanes
  • Detect traffic lights
  • Stop when a car crosses into its lane
  • Put brakes on
  • Find out how YOU can experience the driver-less bus by clicking here

The Energrid Audible Power Bank

An audible power bank that can go with you anywhere, this is the perfect Christmas gift!

  • Can be purchased from RNIB store/website.
  • A large-sized power bank containing 3 ports at one end: USB-A, USB-C and iPhone lightning port.
  • At the opposite end you will find an oval-shaped button. When you press this button you will hear:
    • 4 vibrations if the device is fully charged.
    • 3 vibrations if the device is 75% charged.
    • 2 vibrations if the device is 50% charged.
    • 1 vibration if the device is 25% charged.
  • If you press and hold the oval-shaped button in, the vibrations change to audible beeps.
  • Can be charged using the USB-C port
  • Find out more or purchase for someone you love this Christmas by clicking here

What’s New On Braille Sense 6

For those of you that own a Braille Sense 6 here is how you can use the all-new dictation feature for writing quick emails or short documents:

  • Press F4 + D.
  • Begin dictation when you hear the first beep.
  • When you hear the second beep everything you have said appears in braille.

What’s New On SensePlayer

The SensePlayer now has it’s very own app store where you can download the following:

  • EasyReader to access RNIB library
  • Audible
  • BBC Sounds
  • Netflix

The Talking Air Fryer!

Developed by Cobolt, this all-new talking air fryer is a must-have for cooking your Christmas cuisine!

  • Contains 5 half-moon shaped touch-buttons.
  • Plus and Minus buttons are located either side at the top.
  • Temperature and timer buttons are located on the right.
  • Pre-sets are located opposite temperature and timer buttons.
  • Pre-sets include potatoes, fish, meat, poultry, veg, or cook manually.
  • Power button is located at the bottom in the middle.
  • Simply find the button you want, press and hold the raised circle, and the device speaks.
  • The device speaks everything out, including number of minutes/seconds remaining.
  • When you start cooking, the audible countdown begins.
  • Halfway through your cooking time, the device will inform you that you are halfway through and allow you 20 seconds to open the drawer and turn the food if needed.
  • When cooking is finished, the device says, “temperature high” repeatedly for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Wait for the device to stop saying “temperature high” before you touch.
  • To find out more, or to purchase this amazing air fryer please click here

2024: The Year of the Biped

Biped is first and foremost an obstacle detector. However, it has come a long way in recent times. The all-new drop-off detection feature plays an audible signal to warn the user when they are near the following:

  • A descending flight of stairs
  • Holes in the pavement
  • Edges of platforms at train stations

With Biped’s GPS software almost ready to be BETA tested the device has massive potential and a very bright future ahead. Here is what we can expect from Biped:

  • Detection of electric vehicles/moving obstacles.
  • Anticipation of dangerous situations.
  • Plotting of alternative, safer routes by using it’s self-driving automobile tech developed by Honda.


To purchase or arrange a free demo please click here

Ethics Around CHAT GPT

CHAT GPT can be a very useful tool for maintaining productivity when deadlines are extremely tight. But we have to be aware of the ethical issues surrounding this. Never trust CHAT GPT entirely! It is never a good idea to ask CHAT GPT to write whole articles or documents for you. However, CHAT GPT works well at developing a skeleton structure for the piece of work you are writing. Use CHAT GPT for assisting with the structure of your document and post-edit the document yourself afterwards.

The Future of CHAT GPT

CHAT GPT works best in the area of scene description. Companies such as Be My Eyes and Envision have jumped on CHAT GPT for its incredibly accurate scene description capabilities. Here is what you can do with CHAT GPT:

  • Take a photo using Be My Eyes or Envision Glasses
  • Listen to a detailed description of the scene.
  • If using Be My Eyes use the CHAT Box feature to ask questions of the scene.
  •  If using Envision Glasses, hold down the Voice Control button to ask Envision.
  • Describe Scene feature on Envision Glasses currently in BETA but has huge potential for development, including describing where items are in a scene to aid mobility/orientation.

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By Shauna Humphries.